Think Tanks!


A group with decades
of experience.

The group behind DARVARI GARDEN products started operating in chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industry equipment. It has decades of experience in the production, maintenance and assembly of tanks, absorbtion columns, metal structures and other types of massive constructions.

Darvari Industries was founded in 2005 in the Romanian city of Râmnicu Vâlcea by the Romanian businessman and engineer Eugen Prundeanu, under the name of Industrial Montaj Grup SRL, and later became Darvari Mechanical Engineering SRL (Ltd.).

The group has branches and operations in Romania, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Libya, France and Poland. The food/olive business is operated by Darvari Mechanical Engineering SRL (Romania) and Darvari Gıda Tarım İnş. Turizm San. Tic.Ltd.Şti. (Darvari Food Ltd., Turkey) for various aspects of the production and distribution of olive oil and other products.


DARVARI INDUSTRIES ensures fast transfer of professional and complex teams across borders, with all the equipment and machinery required for assembling any facility.


DARVARI INDUSTRIES provides fully customized solutions for complex industrial facilities, and have all mandatory and optional ISO certifications, in all our fields of activity.

The value of a team.

Eugen Prundeanu, the founder of the DARVARI Group, describes DARVARI INDUSTRIES as “a company with memorable projects, healthy turnover and a loyal team of passionate, highly qualified individuals”.

According to the Romanian businessman, business value can only be attained in such an industry by a loyal team, with a high degree of cohesion, which can operate on-site with the same efficiency and coordination as a top sports team. The high qualifications of DARVARI INDUSTRIES specialists are always improving according to the latest technological innovations. A significant proportion of DARVARI employees have been with the company since its launch.

Industrial products and services.


MDI & TDI storage tanks, absorption columns, DOPH storage tanks, heavy water storage tanks, metal structures, heat exchangers, heads etc.

Repairs & Maintenance

Metal pressure containers, tanks and vessels, distillation columns, metal pipelines for fluids and steam etc.


DCE fractionating columns, pipelines, storage tanks, spheres, dynamic machinery, technological equipment, industrial halls & warehouses, metal platforms, SKID structures etc.


Up to 3.000 ㎥


Up to 8.000 ㎥

storage tanks

Up to 1.000 ㎥