Sustainably produced.
Extra virgin olive oil awarded for quality.


Early harvest, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil.

DARVARI GARDEN is a family business based on tradition, competence, respect and vision. It is a local brand and is part of DARVARI GROUP – a large Romanian holding with decades of experience.

DARVARI GARDEN products come from our olive grove situated in Çanakkale, Turkey, close to the Trojan ruins.

The olive trees on our plantation are part of the Edremit-Ayvalik cultivar – an olive variety that is known for producing high quality olive oil with low acidity.


A rediscovered land.
Hundred years old olive trees.


Careful harvesting and cold pressing create an awarded olive oil.


Premium olive oils

When it is made with care, olive oil can promote a healthy life.

A fruity and floral olive oil ideal for the most creative kitchen.

A spicy olive oil, appreciated for its original, authentic and green taste.

"An ancient tradition that goes on for millennia, not centuries. [...] Today, all we want to do is continue this tradition by producing a traditional, healthy olive oil that is good for our families and our children."

- Eugen Prundeanu, founder


Recognition of quality.

Starting with the first bottles we have produced, our olive oils have been awarded for quality.


A knowledgeable
and experienced team

Behind DARVARI GARDEN there is a team of farmers and academic experts with decades of experience and priceless knowledge, who created a product that surprises through its original and authentic taste.

Our olive oils are certified as non-GMO, eco and ‘trusted product’ by authorities in the EU and Turkey. DARVARI Ottoman and Byzantium by DARVARI have been awarded for Quality at world's leading olive oil competitions in London (2020-2022), New York (2022), Berlin (2022) and Istanbul (2022).