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Awards for quality at the London International Olive Oil Competition


Eco Label™

Marca Încrederii
Good Manufacturing Practices

DARVARI GARDEN has been awarded for quality year after year, at LIOOC (London International Olive Oil Competition), starting with the first bottles ever produced, for both DARVARI Ottoman and Byzantium by DARVARI.

Expert feedback is an essential part of our product development and journey. Obtaining the perfect balance between acidity and flavor is a process that requires a well-trained intuition, developed over many years of experience. The fluctuating external conditions prove that there is no perfect recipe, but that it is up to the experience and knowledge of the farmers to produce a high-quality olive oil.

Because of this, having received quality awards year after year since 2020 represents our confirmation for the high standards of execution behind the DARVARI GARDEN team.


Label edition: IRENE

Harvest season: 2020 - 2021

Silver Award for Quality, London IOOC 2021

- Eco Mark Nr. ECO/2021070705/TR
- Non-GMO Nr. TRA-2008382
- Marca Increderii Clasa 3001 Categoria 3